You can use Advisor to track Accommodations for each student by Semester and also by  
specific class, if needed.

Classes:  Complete Course (class) information can be stored within the program.  A new class
schedule is used each semester for student registration. Included is information about locations,
instructor, days and times, and such items as course numbers, sections, titles, credit hours.  This
information (shown above) can be downloaded from systems such as Banner or they can be manually
entered (and manually updated). Semester codes are used to group the courses. This grouping
allows course to be pulled up by semester using the Find by semester or find all features at the top of
the screen.  When selected, all information will be displayed on the General Information screen.
AccessAbility users can review this information directly without having to log into the college system.

Individual student accommodations can be assigned to specific classes (each semester) and Disability
Accommodation letters, address to instructors, can then be automatically generated by the system.
These functions are available in the Student Data section under the
Class Accommodations  tab.

Once accommodations have been authorized, service providers can be assigned for the student in
each class and equipment and furniture can be placed in specific classes for student use.  These
functions are all made from this screen using the
 Schedule Accommodations  button on this screen

Interpreter matching is made through a different process.  See the
Interpreter Matching  screen.

Accommodations: The table at the bottom of the screen is tied to the class shown above. This table
is not an input table.   It lists the accommodation (ServiceID), the service provider (StaffID) and the
Student (StudentID) for the class shown. This information is generated from the Schedule
Accommodations functions used for notetakers, furniture, equipment and readers/scribes.