Interpreter Matching

A special split screen can used to match interpreters to classes. A list of interpreters and
a list of classes needing interpreter must be matched to a time grid for each day of the


The top table lists all interpreters and Stenos (CART) on staff. In order for this matching function to
work, these individuals must be in the
 Staff data base  (full or part time, or contractors). Their
specialty must be entered and will be noted in column two.  

The bottom table list all classes with enrolled deaf students who have been authorized interpreting
(or CART) accommodations.   In order for this list to appear, classes must be entered/downloaded
into the system (see
Class listing ) AND students must be authorized interpreting accommodations
(see student data,
Student Accommodations tab).

    Class meeting times are indicated by the Red time blocks on the lower grid.  Days per
    week that each class meets is shown in column two (Red time blocks will be displayed on each
    of these days).

    Staff availability can be entered into the upper time grid for each day of the week. Availability
    is indicated with green time blocks.  When an interpreter is matched to a class the time
    blocks will turn to red indicating that the interpreter is no longer available for that same time

Matching Process: Place the cursor on any interpreter name in the upper grid AND then place
the cursor on any class in the lower grid AND click the MATCH button.  
The confirm match
option will appear.

Information about the "proposed match" will be displayed (assign staff member with class specified
for interpreting accommodation).  
The note at the bottom of the pop up should be read before any
action is taken.
Click add to confirm, or remove the match (which might have been previously made)
or close to cancel the proposed match.

The note at the bottom will also provide a matching update- as to other interpreters who have already
been assigned to the class.
Depending on the number of deaf students in the class or the length of
the class, more than one interpreter may necessarily be assigned. When such  team interpreting
assignments have been made, the class name will be highlighted in yellow.

To see the interpreting teams for any class, double click the class and all interpreting assignments
will be displayed.  
Notes can be entered to provide explanations, clarifications or partial time class
assignments (interpret only certain days etc)
.  Deletions can also be made from this list:  i.e., un-
assign an interpreter.

SHOW option in between the two grids are (select an option use the down arrow)::  
  Show ALL (all staff and all classes- the default)
  Show Classes assigned to staff chosen above
  Show Interpreters assigned to class chosen below

To activate, place the cursor on a name or a class and then select from the Show options. Select
Show All to return to default setting.

Use the
print all button for a report of all interpreter assignments.

Select the
Provider button to print a single interpreters schedule