Accommodation Match

This screen is used to assign service providers (interpreters, notetakers, readers and
scribes) to classes for students in those classes.

It is also used to
place equipment and furniture into classes for use by students.  Although they for
student use, they are not checked out to students to take with them (in the way tape records, and
calculators are), they remain in the classroom.  

Step 1:  If a class has been selected on the main Class screen, it will be carried over to this screen. If
this is the class your want to match, then proceed with step 2.  If you want to select another class
Search for the class using the Look up table.

Information about the selected class such as section day, times, campus, building and room number
will be displayed.  All of this information will be useful when assigning providers or placing equipment.  

Step 2:   Assign Student (on the left hand screen) by selecting service and student from the Look up
table and then the date.  This will tie the student and service to the class.

Step 3:  Assign a provider to the class (on the right hand of the screen) by selecting the provider
(staff person from the staff data base*), the service and the date assigned.  

*Note:  If you use volunteers or students as note takers, for example, you can write their name and
phone number into the last field (and skip the staff field).  The Schedule reports will print the same
way but this by-passes the need to enter someone into the staff data base (since note takers may be
just "one time" providers and would not need to be a staff member).  Readers and scribes who are
used continually, may be staff and thereby part of the staff data base.

Alternate Step 3:  Place equipment or furniture into the class by selecting, from the staff* Look up
table) the person who will be placing the equipment or furniture, the specif item to be placed from the
service list (this is a comprehensive list) and entering the date.  

*Note: If you use volunteers or students to place items, you can write their name and phone number
into the last field and skip the staff listing.

Class information and the result of all matches are shown on a series of reports which are organized
by time, student, provider or class. See
Schedule Reports available from the Main Menu.

*Although interpreters could be assigned using this function, scheduling interpreters is usually more
complicated so a different matching system is used. See the
Interprete Matching function.