Summary Page

These summary pages give you instant information about the students your are serving.  They
show you the totals students by status, disability and accommodation.  You can also see a
detailed list of the students in each category and directly access their full record.

Summary Counts and Lists:  System summaries are continually updated service counts. They are
organized into several categories of like data. .  Row and column totals are provided. These summaries
provide an instant overview of service counts and can be used for reporting purposes. All summary
reports are grouped by advisors: None are students who do not have an assigned advisor (unassigned
students or possibly errors which should be checked), others are other staff not listed by name (this is
unlikely in a live data base - [but can exist in our test situation]).  

Summaries are grouped as follows: Service Summary, Log Summary, More summaries and Enrolled
students.  The buttons to the right of the table provide access to the other summaries.

Clicking on a number in any row/column will bring up a list of students- for that item and that advisor.
Clicking on any name will bring up the Student Data tabs. Clicking the printer icon will print the list.