Student Data Screen

The Student Data screen is completely customizable for each institution.  You can also
access their Log history and create
Accommodation letters directly from this screen.

The Student Data Section contains all student related information.  It also contains the history of
services provided.  It is divided into several Tabs and contains places to enter data taken from
applications, medical documentation, and information gathered from intake interviews.   Each of the
screens has buttons to activate various functions and to print forms and reports.

Each screen contains various types of
Input fields.   These are found throughout the system and
function similarly:

The first tab,
General Information, contains basic student information to include: name and address,
contact numbers and education and employment histories.  Student codes include the SS Number,
their Banner ID (college computer system ID), and a Case Number which is an auto generated internal
tracking number.

New students can be entered directly into the General Information section but their basic information is
usually entered into the database through the Intake Appointment Form using the “New Student”
button. Since new students generally call to ask for information about procedures, the New Student
button allows minimal student information to be entered so that appointments can be scheduled.  This
information is entered directly into the Student Database and can be updated from intake forms and
applications for service.

Demographics Box:  The extent of demographic information which is collected, is determined by each
disability office and usually corresponds to the data collected through the application form.

Education/Employment Goals:  These fields are used to collect data on  when students are starting
school, campus attending, student’s intention with college , program major, financial aid information,
sponsoring agency, current employment (employer name and position title) and future job placement,
college transfer or other outcome goals.

Comments Field:  An open narrative field is provided to add more information about either student
demographics or Educational goals.

Perkins Eligibility: This field identifies those students who’s major (program) are in areas eligible to
receive Carl Perkins Grant funding.  This field is auto-linked and auto filled based on the college
major- identified by the student.  College majors are tagged internally to identify those that are CTE in
nature and qualify for Perkins funding. .

Feature Buttons: Four feature buttons are located directly beneath the Internal ID field. These are:
Make Appointment, View Student Status, View Contact Log, and Student Schedule.  

Appointment Form can be accessed from this screen in order to make appointments (without
having to return to the Scheduler screen).

Student Status  an auto generated form which summarises a basic history of services and current
status of the student.  It displays student history from application date through closure and follow-up.
The date of last contact is also shown and highlighted in Blue. Closure codes, hold codes, and follow
up codes are recorded in the case logs and displayed here.Note: This is not an entry screen, It is view
only. The data is entered into the case log system and displayed here for quick reference. The status
form can be printed.

If such information is not collected, then these fields will be blank. The various types of case log
entries should be reviewed to better understand these listings.

Student Class Schedule (from a Banner/College System Interface.  This is a live link which requires set
up by the college IT department. Once established, the link can be activated at any time.

In cases where the Access program has an interface with the college computer system (i.e. Banner) a
class schedule may be viewed. This facilitates information flow so that the user can confirm current
classes without having to leave Access and enter another program.

The Student Contact Log contains a listing of all student events. Information for this screen is
generated from the Appointment Form and from other entries into the system.  

This descending record of student contacts and events will show the staff member who entered
information into the contact log. Entries include the date, type of contact, contact via, and subject of
contact. Case notes are shown at the bottom of the screen and correspond to the record highlighted
by the cursor arrow.

Data can be entered or updated directly from this log.  All entries are cross posted into the Advisor
log just as entries made into the advisor log are cross posted into the appropriate student log.

This log can be searched and sorted by any field displayed on the screen and can be printed within
defined date ranges using the
built-in Access sorting features.  These are activated by “right
clicking” the mouse while the cursor is in any of the fields and choosing a sort or find option.
These Access features are found on screens throughout the system.

View list button:  This button, found on various screens, brings up a detail list of students.  Data base
information about all students is displayed in table format.  More fields are shown to the right- moving
the currsor bar will show the remaining information.
 Clicking on any name will bring up the file in
the student database.
This table can also be sorted and filtered (see above) and printed.