The Main Scheduling Screen

Use this screen to create and track appointments and phone calls with Students.  Then you will be
able to have reports anaylzing all student contact at your finger tips!  Click
here it see how an
appointment is entered.

In the upper left of the screen is a small monthly reference calendar  which shows the month, the year, and
days of the month.  Users can move around this calendar by clicking on a particular date, or by selecting
another month and year from the drop-down field- and then a date.

In the upper right hand corner is
a Daily Note Pad. This can be used to convey information about meetings,
departmental messages, staff absences, birthdays, etc. Any user can enter information in the Daily Notes Pad.

Main Menu (Switchboard) is the primary starting screen for the program.  A hot key has been activated
to that users will
automatically start from the Scheduler Screen (the one which is mos often used) when
they log on.
The Main Menu provided access to "system set up" functions through the Maintain Lists

The Refresh button is used to refresh the screen.  It can be useful when a lot of appointments are being made
in order to update to the latest schedule.  The red End program Button should be used to exit
(rather than the X in the upper right hand corner).  

[?] is available on every screen and form.  This is a Web link which will be periodically updated.  Help
information can be printed as needed.

NOTE: There is no help available on the "Testing" button itself.  You can go to the Maintain lists - Rooms
section - for help in
Schedulilng Tesing Rooms .  

The Scheduler itself consists of a grid of ½ hour time segments. Time is shown above and the names of staff
members are shown down the left side.  It can be scrolled right and left and up or down since the time frame
can extend into the evening (off the right side of the screen).
 In order to schedule an appointment, double
click a time block.  Separate help is available for
  Making Appointments

The  Daily Calendar the Staff Calendar and the Student Calendar are  located above the time grid to the
left of the Main Scheduler and are used to view specific appointments. Help is available for each.