Inventory Management

All departmental inventory can be entered into this screen.  This includes equipment and
software checked out to students, or staff, it may include office equipment and computers
assigned to staff and equipment placed into classrooms (such as CCTVs).  There are several
inventory audit check lists and missing equipment reports available

Inventory Information:  In order to manage the inventory, items must first be entered into the system.
inventory item includes the name (recorder), and a category designation (adaptive equipment, or
assistive software etc), model number, serial number, dept inventory number and institutional inventory
number (some items below a designated value- say $1000 may not be an asset inventoried by college-
but should be tracked by the disability office), storage-room location, and campus (if there is more than
one place inventory is stored.  A narrative field is provided for additional descriptive information or check
out restrictions.  

Custodians are staff members responsible for certain types of equipment.  There may just be one
person, the director but in large offices there may be several equipment custodians.

requisition and purchase information may also be entered:  Requisition date and number, PO,
purchase price, inventory date (when it was received), checked by (staff member who verified delivery,
data assigned (to a custodian), current inventory status (available, being repaired etc this comes from
the inspection when equipment is returned) and comments.

Inventory information may be modified at any time, by clicking on a field and changing the data. Security
can be set up so that the entering and modification f information on this screen can be restricted. See
Technical instructions on setting security parameters.

Find:  The find functions at the top of the screen can be used to bring up any item. The firs field is a
category field and the second is the item find.  They can be used together - or the item find (alphabetical
find by name) can be used by itself.

Inventory Checkout (to students):  Once entered into the system, items may be checked out and
tracked. The check out procedures which follow are for items which can be assigned to students or staff-
for their safe keeping until it is returned.  

Checkout Form should be used for this purpose.  This form can be accessed from the equipment
screen and from the accommodations screen in student data. Information entered through this form will
be displayed at the bottom of the screen in the
Checkout History table wherein a historical listing of all
individuals who check out each item will be listed.  

    A checkout contract is generated whenever equipment is checked out.  It has places for staff and
    student signatures.  A re-print of any prior contract can be printed from the history table by double
    clicking on the item name.

Other procedures must be followed to place equipment and furniture into classrooms. See instructions
placing equipment into classrooms  or for  placing furniture into classrooms .  

The View List button, when clicked, will bring up a table of all equipment in inventory (current or prior-
even if surplused, or lost, the equipment and information about its disposition should be maintained.  
Clicking on an item will bring up the equipment information/detail screen.

Equipment to be Returned List shows the status of all outstanding equipment.  Several forms
can be printed from this report  See the
 Equipment to be Returned List help screen.  

inventory Report and Inventory Checklist are used to take inventory.  The report shows the

location of each item, the checklist does not (for doing complete inventory- rather than confirming