Contacts can include staff (Salaried Staff, Hourly Staff, Service Providers, Interpreters,  Student Note
takers or other college staff) as well as community contacts (VR Counselors, Clinicians, parents,
referral sources and others who interact with students.   

Information about these contacts is sectioned into
Personal Data (background demographics) and
Professional Data (credentials, employment and payroll information.   Other tabs include: Availability
(to provide services), Service Log (students for whom services have been provided), Equipment
assigned for staff use, an in-service Training Log and a Reports section (lists of students who are
served by that staff member).  

To access information about a staff member, click the down arrow in the Find field at the top right of
the screen.  A list of all contacts will appear from which a selection can be made. Information about
that individual (who will be identified in the header bar) will then be displayed. The user can click on
any Tab, enter or modify information and then select Close.  Data is automatically saved whenever
any form, or screen is Closed.

To create a new staff record, at minimum, a name must be entered.   Be sure to select a blank screen
when entering new contacts (Be careful not to overwrite an existing contact file).  Click the “New
Record” icon at the top of the Access screen or click the
[>*] triangle/star button - this is the last item
on the record identifier line at the bottom left of the screen.

The basic address information is optional and can be entered as desired (address, phone numbers, e-
mail address, etc).  The position title and credentials can also be entered.  Since many students are
eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services and since they are usually organized into districts, an
optional district office identifier has been included.  The narrative field allows unlimited input of
additional information.  

A series of identification numbers/IDs are located to the right.  The Contact ID is an internal number
generated by the program- for tracking purposes.  The SSN number is optional and as is the Student
ID number (for institutions using Banner, this is the Banner ID number).

The Login ID must be entered in order for the user to gain access to the program.  This must be
identical to the UserID entered as part of the administrative set up procedure.  Please consult the
Technical Manual for instructions.

There is a button on the Personal Data Tab screen labeled
 Contact Log  . This is a historical listing of
all appointments and events entered into the Scheduler through the Appointment/Event Form.
Instructions about this feature are found at the end of this section.

The Advisor Update tab is a listing of appointment made for students assigned to you which have
been made by other staff members.  This is updated with each entry and can keep advisor abreast of
activities occurring during absences. The Print contact log button is used to
print any one selected
The help button on the screen provides detailed instructions about this form.

View List button provides  a tabular view of all data fields of all staff in the database.  it can be
filtered and sorted using standard Access functions.  Right click on any field and follow the directions.

More information may be viewed by scrolling to the right.  
Staff Contact Information

The Staff Database contains information about staff members with whom a student may
come in contact.
 You can also use it to determine what staff members are allowed in the
program and if they are able to see the contact notes.