Alternative Text Management

Manage your Alternative Text so that you can check to see if it exists, enter and order new
items and track production or orders.

The management of alternative text materials involves several steps.  1) check to see if a copy of the
book is already in the library in alternative format.
2) Pull up the information about the book and
confirm it is the same one needed by the student (ISBN confirmation) and
3) assign it (provide a
copy) to the student.  
OR   4) enter new book information, if not available and 5) order or create
the book in alternate format
6) Track production or ordering and then assign when available
(same as step 3).
1,2,3) Check, pull up and assign:
Use the find feature at the top of the screen and enter the
semester and then use find by class. Both finds are linked to Look up tables from which to make
selection. OR use the Generic Find function (find any book by title, ISBN etc in the library).  If the
book is found using any of these methods, the information will be pulled onto the screen.  All the
appropriate alternative text information, on the left of the screen and the prior production information,
if available, will be filled in.  ALTERNATIVE SEARCH: Use the View list button (see below) to bring up
the entire alt text library and find the desired book- then double click on the book and the alt text
information will be displayed.  You can also use the
 Alt Text classes this semester Tab find the
appropriate class and then double click on it and the information will be pulled up.

Check out history table (shown below) can then be used to assign the material to one or more
students.  To assign a book:  use the Assigned to pull down list and select the student, select the
class from the drop down list, then enter date requested, expected date- if book is not in the library
and complete with date picked up, the staff members who provided the book and any narrative
information about this item or student.  Note: If the book is not in inventory then the pick up date and
staff member will be entered at a later time (when it is actually ready).

4,5,6)  Check, enter order and assign:  Use step 1 & 2 as described above to confirm that the
book is not in inventory and then c
omplete/enter the Alt Text Information about the book including the
ISBN number.    

    The next step is to determine if the book can be obtained from another source.  Direct Web
    links are provided to the three most common sources.  Click on any option and go directly to
    their website and order the book. OR use the email option to order via email (this may be an
    internal email- to another staff member).

    The next step is to complete the production tracking information.  This will be a summary of
    ordering information entered into one of the web sites:  Source name, date ordered, estimated
    delivery date and the staff member responsible for the order.  When the book is downloaded or
    arrives, enter the available in Inventory (actual ready date),  

    If the book needs to be edited, enter the name of the text editor and when completed,
    the finish date.  Editing may need to be done, when the e-version is not accurate enough
    for a student to use- such as may be the case for a blind student.  Editing may also need
    to be done if the book is internally created- in cases where the department scans the
    book and then edits it for accuracy.  In this case the "source/origin will be your own

Once the book has been produced or obtained, it can then be assigned/given to the student.  Follow
the check out procedures outlined above under step 3.   

View List (button) is a table of all alternative text books in your inventory- regardless of the original
source. Included in the table is all textbook and production information.

Clicking the [+] key on any book will bring up a list of students who have received this book and the
date it was asked for and delivered.  

As noted above, this list can also be used to find a book.  Highlighting and clicking on a book will
bring you back to the detail page and the check out process.